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Videos of some of the Chinese Fireworks stock

/** * Videos of some of the Chinese Fireworks stock * */
Videos of some of the Chinese Fireworks stock

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These videos are recordings of the actual fireworks. Buyers should be aware of the factors which may lead to your experience not being identical to viewing the videos. See the notes below the video.

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Note that high quality videos are much larger file size which may cause problems on slow connections.
Buyers should be aware some factors which may lead to your experience not being identical to viewing the videos.
  • The angle and distance of the viewer from the display.
  • Weather conditions - not just rain and cloud but temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction.
  • Storage - we strongly advise you to keep fireworks in cool DRY conditions. Only remove them from these conditions as close to the time of display as possible.
  • Use your fireworks within a few weeks of purchase.
  • Some fireworks are now plastic wrapped, take care not to damage the wrapping as moisture may get in.
  • Competing light sources. Displays will be most effective when the moon is not visible and you are not too close to strong lights such as street lights.
  • Competing sound sources.
  • Since a change in European regulations in 2006/7 some types of explosive are no longer permitted. In 2008 we had all the videos re-recorded to more accurately reflect these changes in composition.
  • Whilst great care is taken at the factory in respect of quality control the explosive powder in the fireworks may move or compact in transit affecting the precise performance of the firework.
  • In summary the best display will be from completely dry fireworks which you've not stored for more than a few weeks. The display is best on a dark night far from street lights and without wind, rain or high ambient noise levels. The display area should be unobstructed with trees or buildings and spectators a safe distance

Firework failures ..

  • We purchase our stock from the best and most reliable manufacturers, no "seconds" or "here today, gone tomorrow" manufacturers.
  • The most likely cause of a failure is moisture or ageing. That's why we ensure dry storage and transport and ensure good stock rotation. We urge you to do the same, let there be no possibility of the fireworks getting damp and don't store longer than necessary.
  • It is very rare for the top quality fireworks we sell failing as the result of a manufacturing problem.
  • Unfortunately there are people who make unwarranted claims in the hope of a refund. In such circumstances the manufacturers ask for evidence such as a video or that the failed item be returned for investigation. However we will consider compensation where the customer is a regular buyer, the failure is a one product from a larger order, and we have other reports suggesting the possibility of a faulty batch at manufacture. Were we not to take a robust attitude to failure reports our prices would have to increase to cover the cost of unwarranted claims.