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Caged Tiger Pro Compound

Caged Jaguar


The God Father


BIG 7 RRP £1564.96 OUR PRICE £999.99 SAVING £495.96 1x Caged tiger compound, 1 x Caged Tiger, 1 x Retretirbution, 1 x The God father, 1x legend, 1x Trafalagar, 1 x Icon.

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CAGED TIGER COMPOUND 3 cakes fused together to give you a finale to remember, WOW factor. 1 fuse! Please see second picture on instructions on which fuse to light. Duration: Approximately 90 seconds CAKE 1: Blue tail up burst brocade crown king with blue pearls, red tail red peony, green tail green peony, blue tail blue dahlia. red palm with chrysanthemum. CAKE 2: Silver tail white strobe, green tail green strobe, red tail red strobe, green palm with chrysanthemum, red tail up burst red pearls with white strobe, blue tail up burst blue pearls with green strobe, green tail up burst green pearls with red strobe. CAKE 3: Purple palm chrysanthemum, titanium golf pam, brocade crown king, wave willow, blue tail up burst wave willow with chrysanthemum. CAGED JAGUAR Blue tail up burst brocade crown king with blue stars. Red tail up burst red peony. Green tail up burst green peony. Blue tail up burst blue dahlia. Red palm with chrysanthemums. Silver tail up burst with silver blinks. Green tail up burst green blinks. Red tail up burst red blinks. Green palm with chrysanthemum. Silver palm with purple stars, red dahlia with sliver glittering, brocade palm with blue stars. Red stars with silver blinks. Purple stars with green blinks, blue stars with crackling. Big chrysanthemum. Green stars with red blinks. Silver palm. Z-shape silver tail up burst brocade crown with blue mine. Shots: 189 Time: 3 mins 30 secs RETRIBUTION Head for full-on Retribution with this mammoth 200 shot compound! This professional quality compound has a stunning array of effects. A seriously unique firing patterns shifting from straight, fanned and many more. With an exciting array of colours and noise this 1.3g firework. Starts with blue and red stars with a blink effect. While shifting to blue tails bursting into brocade crown with blue stars. Followed by bright green tails into brocade crown with green stars. Followed by a rapid row of screaming silver whistles. The second half of the compound fills the sky with colour tails to gold blink, with colour coconut to chrysanthemum breaks and a whistle finale. A full on 1.3g effect loud and proud firework. Shots: 200 Time: 80 The Godfather Display KiT The god farther kit contains three individual fireworks that can be very simply linked together to create one super firework! Light one fuse and watch it 2 minutes 45 seconds truly a display in a box. Alternatively you can simply remove the fireworks from the case and fire 3 individual display cakes. Duration over 2 ½ minutes
Simple to set up using colour coded instructions.
All fireworks stay in the one box
Maximum safety
Professional display completed by you. LEGEND Become a Legend at your event with our show-stopping compound firework! With three simultaneously firing 45 shots cakes. Generating a fantastic aerial display at over 100 feet. All three cakes fire a range of effects. From blood red dahlias with silver glitter. While brocade crown with glitter. Before bright blue with gold glitter. All up in 30 seconds. Shots: 45 shots Time: 30 seconds TRAFALGAR 207 SHOT BARRAGE Cake 1 64 shots Wave willow with green tail, red blinks with green tail, titanium gold palm with green tail, green blinks with green tail, silver blinks with green tail. Cake 2 20 shots green palm with golden blinks with silver palm tail, wave willow with silver blinks with wave willow tail, silver blinks waterfall with purple tail, chrysanthemums willOW with blue stars with crackling tail. Cake 3 81 shots Red palm with red tail, blue palm with blue tail, green palm with silver tail, purple palm with purple tail, titanium golden palm with titanium gold tail. Cake 4 42 shots Purple dahlia with green dahlia with golden blinks with green tail, red dahlia with silver blinks with red tail, wave willow with red blinks with wave willow tail, purple palm with silver blinkswith red tail, chrysanthemum willow with red tail, chrysanthemum willow with crackling tail. ICON An extraordinary trio compound barrage that will blow your display away with dazzling yet thunderous effects, 209 shots of straight & angled fired breaks. Nearly two & half minutes of 1.3G effects including silver blink mines to silver chrysanthemum, purple coconut, red & silver blink, colour star bouquets to wave willow with colour pearls with a crackle & brocade crown finale. Giving a real WOW factor. Time: 145 seconds Shots: 209